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NLIMBO 2020 Auction and Dinner/Show

Saturday, March 28 at 5:30 PM

Our annual auction and dinner/show is our largest fundraiser of the year for NLIMBO!  It allows NLIMBO to support the needs of the LHS Music program in a fantastic way! 


We ask that each family in the LHS Music program to obtain 2 donations for the auction!

Print the Donation Letter & Procurement form off of the "Forms to Download" page and take them to ALL the places that you go and just hand them to the manager while you are there.... businesses, restaurants, salons, mechanics, YMCA, massage therapists, trampoline park, chiropractor, gravel pit, escape room, gym, plumbing company, bakery, deli, or any place! 

You can also choose to donate NEW items to the auction! Things like themed baskets (salon, movie, family game night, adventure), artwork, metal work, homemade quilts/blankets, glass art, specialized clothing, handbags, and MORE!

LASTLY... WE need some BIG ITEMS!!!! Do you have a time share to donate a vacation,

airline tickets, Paramount our 5th Avenue Tickets, Seahawks, Sounders or Mariner Tickets....

Looking for BIG items!  If you have something nice to donate we'll take it and you get a tax donation slip.... a vacation, car, motorcycle, experience of some kind!

Email or if you have any questions!

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