NLIMBO 2020 Auction and Dinner/Show

Saturday, March 28 at 5:30 PM

Our annual auction and dinner/show is our largest fundraiser of the year for NLIMBO!  It allows NLIMBO to support the needs of the LHS Music program in a fantastic way! 


We ask that each family in the LHS Music program to obtain 2 donations for the auction!

Print the Donation Letter & Procurement form off of the "Forms to Download" page and take them to ALL the places that you go and just hand them to the manager while you are there.... businesses, restaurants, salons, mechanics, YMCA, massage therapists, trampoline park, chiropractor, gravel pit, escape room, gym, plumbing company, bakery, deli, or any place! 

You can also choose to donate NEW items to the auction! Things like themed baskets (salon, movie, family game night, adventure), artwork, metal work, homemade quilts/blankets, glass art, specialized clothing, handbags, and MORE!

LASTLY... WE need some BIG ITEMS!!!! Do you have a time share to donate a vacation,

airline tickets, Paramount our 5th Avenue Tickets, Seahawks, Sounders or Mariner Tickets....

Looking for BIG items!  If you have something nice to donate we'll take it and you get a tax donation slip.... a vacation, car, motorcycle, experience of some kind!

Email or if you have any questions!


What are the fundraisers and how much will I earn?

NLIMBO offers numerous opportunities for students to earn funds into their 'fundraising account' for use towards NLIMBO music fees and trips. When a fundraiser is presented you will be given information on how much a student will earn. NLIMBO fronts money to purchase items for students to sell and earn money toward music program and trip fees. The basic rule for most items sold is 80/20. 80% for the student and 20% for NLIMBO. Because NLIMBO is a 501c3, they must be constantly be earning money to put into the general account. STUDENT ACCOUNT FUNDRAISERS - World's Finest Chocolate Bars Candy Sales - Student makes $24 per box - PIE SALES - Pre Sales - Students make $? per pie - Flower Bulbs - Student makes approx. 40% of sale - Lakewood Jr. Pep Band Clinic - Sept. 9 - Student makes $10 for every participant that signs up by Aug 22 (Sept 6 final) - Cloth Catalogs - Student makes $ per ITEM sold - Boon Supply (formerly Mixed Bags) - (November) Student makes 40% of sales - Friday Football Game Sales - Sponsorship Letters - For Family and Friends - JUST PRINT, SIGN and SEND!!! Fall letter for Sept/Early Oct. and Happy Holidays letter for Nov/Dec. Student Makes 100% of donations from donation letters. - ? Open to other ideas NLIMBO General Fundraisers - 'THE COATS' WINTER CONCERT - Dec. at LHS. Information coming SOON! - SCRIP - Gift Card Orders - - Dinner/Show/Auction - Saturday, March 28, 2020 - SMILE.AMAZON - Sign into Smile.Amazon instead of Amazon and make NLIMBO the recipient of the amazon donation for your purchases! COSTS YOU NOTHING! - Fred Meyer Community Rewards - Sign into your Fred Meyer account and select NLIMBO in the Community Rewards so that we are the recipient of the Fred Meyer donation on your purchases! COSTS YOU NOTHING - Boeing Match - Microsoft Match - Business Match - CHECK WITH YOUR EMPLOYER! These are many others, will match at 50-100% of your donation to NLIMBO!

World's Finest Chocolates

WF Chocolate bars will be ready for students to start selling in early Sept. Students can check out up to 2 boxes at a time from the designated WFC chairman. Students sell for $1 per bar and there are 60 in the case. You must sell the whole box and turn money back in within 3 weeks or less. A student will turn in $60 per box sold in cash bills or a check to NLIMBO (NO CHANGE IS ACCEPTED) The cost of the box to NLIMBO is $30. NLIMBO will make $6 per box sold and the student selling will make $24 for each box sold into their fundraising account.

Car Washes

Car Washes are held at the Lakewood Shell station on 172nd across from LHS. Saturday, July 20 Saturday, Aug. 24 (with pre-sale tickets) There are 2 shifts for each car wash. Each shift is 2.5 hours long - 9:45-12:15 & 11:45-2:15 The amount of money made during the work day is split between the people that work at the car wash. Each student can have 1 extra adult working with them on their behalf at the car wash. For PRE-SALE Car Washes, like the one in Aug... You pre-sale $5 car wash tickets and turn the money in at the beginning of the car wash. YOU MUST WORK AT THE CAR WASH IF YOU SELL CAR WASH TICKETS! For every $5 ticket a student sells, $4 goes into that student's account. (For every packet of 5 tickets sold the student will get $20 into their fundraising account)

Jr Pep Band Clinic 2019

Our 4th Annual Jr Pep Band Clinic will be held on Monday, Sept. 9 and then they will play with the LHS Band at the game on Friday, Sept. 13. Registration for Jr Pep Band Clinic participants is $40. For each student who signs up with you as the one who 'invited them', you will receive $10 in your fundraising account. GO TO FORMS to download or print out. Forms are due by Thurs, Aug. 22 to guarantee the Jr Pep students requested shirt size. Absolute cut off with a shirt (as close to size as possible) is Friday, Sept. 6.