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NLIMBO 2020 Auction and Dinner/Show

Saturday, March 28 at 5:30 PM

Our annual auction and dinner/show is our largest fundraiser of the year for NLIMBO!  It allows NLIMBO to support the needs of the LHS Music program in a fantastic way! 


We ask that each family in the LHS Music program to obtain 2 donations for the auction!

Print the Donation Letter & Procurement form off of the "Forms to Download" page and take them to ALL the places that you go and just hand them to the manager while you are there.... businesses, restaurants, salons, mechanics, YMCA, massage therapists, trampoline park, chiropractor, gravel pit, escape room, gym, plumbing company, bakery, deli, or any place! 

You can also choose to donate NEW items to the auction! Things like themed baskets (salon, movie, family game night, adventure), artwork, metal work, homemade quilts/blankets, glass art, specialized clothing, handbags, and MORE!

LASTLY... WE need some BIG ITEMS!!!! Do you have a time share to donate a vacation,

airline tickets, Paramount our 5th Avenue Tickets, Seahawks, Sounders or Mariner Tickets....

Looking for BIG items!  If you have something nice to donate we'll take it and you get a tax donation slip.... a vacation, car, motorcycle, experience of some kind!

Email or if you have any questions!

  • Supplies and Performance Attire
    Supplies needed: Instrument in good playing condition at all times; any needed cleaning or maintenance supplies for your instrument; School provides a flip folder w/ at least 20 pages and concert folder for concert music; 2 pencils (no pens), you need your own Lyre to connect your flip folder to your instrument Pep/Marching Attire: Pep shirts/Jackets must be purchased by each band member. Pep shirts are worn with long, blue jeans and tied tennis shoes. When FULL UNIFORM is stated, the band family wears our band uniform pants/bibbers, jackets and shakos (hats). Students must provide and bring long black socks and ALL black marching shoes. (no dress shoes, and NO color on them... that includes brand symbols and logos on the shoe. The shoe must be completely black) Concert Attire: GUYS: Black slacks, White long sleeve button down shirt, Black long tie, Black socks, Black dress shoes/ GIRLS: ALL Black dress or skirt/slacks and shirt. Dress/skirt must be 2 inches below knee and sleeves must be at least to the elbow. Black close toed dress shoes (no spike heels, no flip flops) and black nylons or tights.
  • Attendance, Communication and Make-Up Assignments"
    Attendance: Students are expected to participate in ALL after school rehearsals, dress rehearsals, concerts and performances. PERFORMANCES ARE LISTED ON THE BAND PAGE & IN THE CALENDAR ON THE WEBSITE! (At LHS we encourage students to become 'well-rounded' individuals. I work with athletic coaches to ensure that they can play their sport and be able to participate in band. If students participate in football or basketball, pep band performances are excused if the athletes are playing in the games.) If students are not present, consistently, weeks prior to a concert/ performance, they will not be adequately prepared to perform with the group and will not be allowed to perform. A makeup project will have to be completed for the missed performance. * Unavoidable conflicts for scheduled performances must be submitted to Mrs. Trapp PRIOR to the event and at the EARLIEST possible date. Mrs. Trapp will then determine if your absence will be excused. She must know 24 hours in advance if you must miss a rehearsal or performance. Must be turned in within 1 week. (2 weeks is max in special circumstances) Make up work (Theory Papers & Practice logs for the first two pep games or practices, 8 page paper for additional pep games/ 15 page paper for concerts) is only available for EXCUSED absences for 95% credit. (Emergencies are always the exception.)
  • Lettering and PE Waivers
    Lettering: Students can letter in band by attending every practice and game during our 2 pep seasons. You may only miss 1 practice/game per season in order to letter and maintain a ‘C’ or higher in the class. PE Waivers: PE waivers are available if a student does not miss more than 2 combined practice or game during both pep seasons. You cannot miss more than 2, as you will not have enough ‘hours’ to qualify for the waiver.
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