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 NLIMBO - Payments     

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NLIMBO provides trips for students at LHS that would not be possible without the booster club. The Disneyland trip is the main NLIMBO trip.

This trip is sponsored by the school but  funded and sponsored by NLIMBO.

Students must have their own insurance (or purchase trip insurance through NLIMBO), sign all liability/release forms for NLIMBO and have parent/guardian's call or write in to excuse their absence for missed school days for this trip.

No forms or money is to be given to the LHS office or staff. This is money to NLIMBO. Mrs Trapp goes as private citizen and liason between the students who attend LHS and as a part of NLIMBO.

*Students must be ‘eligible’ to travel with the group AT the time of signing the contract and at the time of the trip. To be an Eligible Student for the trip the following things must be in place for the last semester and current semester: they must have a grade of ‘C’ or higher in band class, and/or they must maintain an attendance level of at least 80% or greater (if below 80%, a discussion will take place), the student must be consistently working to maintain passing grades in all classes and students should not have any discipline at school, outside of tardiness, or a meeting with Mrs. Trapp will need to take place.

Fees Paid to NLIMBO


NLIMBO helps to provide many items for the students involved in the LHS music program. They front money to purchase pep and team shirts for the bands and choirs. These fees are then passed to the students to pay.

Timely payments are of utmost importance.

We are moved our payment system to an ONLINE payment system using ZELLE! (It is FREE of all fees to use ZELLE)

When you make payments to NLIMBO, you MUST make a notation in the 'memo' area stating the 'Students Name', 'Music Group' and 'Item' that this payment will cover.


If you must use check or cash, it will be delivered to the NLIMBO LOCK BOX in the music office!  (NEVER TAKE $ that goes to NLIMBO to the SCHOOL OFFICE)

All checks and cash payments must be in a SEALED ENVELOPE with the 'Students Name', 'Music Group' and 'Item' that this payment will cover on the front of the envelope!

If a check bounces you will be charged for the FEE that NLIMBO incurs (approx. $30).  If a check bounces you must make all following payments by ZELLE, cash or cashier's check from that point forward!

Disneyland Trip Payments


The NLIMBO trip to Disneyland is a large financial obligation for the music boosters. It is of utmost importance that people pay on time. 

As stated before, we are moving to an ONLINE payment system with ZELLE!

When you make a payment for the Disney trip, you MUST make a notation in the 'memo' area stating the 'Traveler's Name(s)', 'Music Group or Chaperone' and 'Amount Per Person' that this payment will cover.

(If needed, checks and cashier's checks will still be accepted in the NLIMBO lock box. BUT, we are trying to have all payments made through ZELLE, as much as possible.)

Dollar Bill in Jar

Donations to NLIMBO are accepted and appreciated at anytime.

NLIMBO is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that helps the LHS Music Department and all of the students involved in the program! All tax credits for donations to a 501c3 non-profit are available by donating to NLIMBO. (see your tax professional for details)

NLIMBO - North Lakewood Instrumental Music Boosters Organization 

501(c)3 Tax ID/ EIN: 20-2714430

You can donate by using the PAYMENT BUTTON above or by sending a check to the NLIMBO PO Box below. You can contact Mrs Katy Trapp at or President Tiffany Dewitt at for details or questions.  THANK YOU!

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