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Are you interested in Sponsoring and Investing in the LHS Music Program?!?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Lakewood High School Music Program through the Lakewood Music Booster Organization (NLIMBO). We can offer you and your business several benefits by becoming our sponsor, such as advertising opportunities and tax receipts. With your support, we can offer so much more to our LHS music students in their goal of sharing their talents within our school, community, our state, and beyond.

NLIMBO is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and booster group founded in 2005. We have an excellent group of board members and booster members who are dedicated to supporting our music students in every way. We rely on our Booster volunteers, area organizations, businesses, and individuals to work together to achieve our goals.


Please join years of community and business support to help the LHS Music Program continue its tradition of excellence. Helping music students reach their goals is a major focus for us. We ask that you consider the Sponsorship Programs available and let us know how we can best help you help us. We have some great programs for promoting your business. Please choose which one(s) you believe will fit your budget.

Your Sponsorship Will Help Go Towards:

  • Instruments

  • Uniforms

  • Festivals and Contests

  • Transportation and Travel

  • Student Financial Support

  • Instructional Support

  • Scholarships for LHS Graduating Music Students






Below is Mrs. Trapp's Dream List for the students in the LHS Music Family!

If you are interested in purchasing or providing funds for any of the list below please contact Mrs. Trapp!

(donations to the program are tax deductible and you can receive a receipt from NLIMBO for your gift!)


Concert Instrument NEEDS –  (in order of need)


  1. CONCERT TUBA Jupiter JTU730 - $6000

  2. Concert Bass Drum and Stand - $3000

LHS MUSIC Garment Bags – $22 each (60 total) plus s/h and tax  This is a necessity to ensure that we take care of the uniforms that we have and that they all fit into the music trailer when we are traveling. Our program has grown and so has the need, plus some have misplaced and/or damaged over time.

  1. Branded uniform bags for Band (need 30)

  2. Branded uniform bags for Jazz - Swingbeat and 11th Ave (need 30)

*(PARTIALLY FULFILLED May 2023) PEP BAND – Drum Line Equipment (some equipment is over 20 years old)

  LIST UPDATED with needs in YELLOW

Dream List (replace all drumline)  – 3 Snares, 2 Quads, 3 Bass Drums, 1 Set of Cymbals  = $5126


  1. 14” Pearl Marching Snares (2 of them) $437 each = $1311

  2. Marching Quads – (2 of them) Yamaha w/ Carrier $700 each = $1400

  3. Marching Bass Drums (1 of them) – 26” with Carrier $750  and 1 of the 24” with Carrier $595 = $1515

  4. Marching CYMBALS – Zildjian A Z-Mac 16” Cymbal Pair $450


*(FULFILLED April 2023) ROOM ORGANIZATION NEEDS – Total $1250  (in order of need)

  1. SHELVING for storage of equipment – 5 Shelves $99.99 each – $500

         Have 20-30 boxes that we can’t unpack because we have nowhere to put them.

     2. Totes to put in the shelves for organization – Steralite clear with latching handles, various sizes from 24 -70 quart sizes.                    Approx $15 each, need approx. 30.  - $450

     3. Music Filing Boxes and Envelopes – TOTAL $300 - Need 100 Concert Band size boxes $ . 75 each ($75), Need 100 pep band              folders  $75, Need 200 Choir Folders - $150


Annual NEED – Take financial burden off of families in the program

  1. Traveling costs for jazz festivals – $8900 - Clark  approx. $3500, Commencement Bay approx. $3500, DeMiero approx. $900

  2. Pep Shirts for band ($2100), Group shirts for Jazz groups ($1050), and choir - ($600)

  3. Jazz Uniforms – New every 2 years – Approx $3500

  4. Sponsorship Help for families in need for big trips (i.e. Disney) – Everything Helps

  5. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Annual College Scholarships given to Music Students

*(FULFILLED) Jazz Rhythm Section Items –Fulfilled by Generous Donation on 10/14/2019 by John

  1. The Ibanez GB Hollowbody Guitar*

  2. Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack* 

  3. Gretsch Catalina Maple Drum kit* 

  4. Fender George Benson 40W Amp* 



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