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Swingbeat: Rules and Expectations

Supplies and Performance Attire

Supplies needed: 1" binder for music, 2 pencils (no pens) Concert Attire: GUYS: Black slack, black sock, black dress shoes to go with the chosen/student purchased jazz uniform pieces. GIRLS: Swingbeat and 11th Avenue will have matching dresses and shoes to purchase. ALL MEMBERS will purchase group shirts for some limited performances.

Attendance and Communication

Attendance: Students are expected to participate in ALL after school rehearsals, dress rehearsals, concerts, trips and performances. PERFORMANCES ARE LISTED ON THE SWINGBEAT PAGE & IN THE CALENDAR ON THE WEBSITE! If students are not present, consistently, weeks prior to a concert/ performance, they will not be adequately prepared to perform with the group and will not be allowed to perform. A makeup project will have to be completed for the missed performance. * Unavoidable conflicts for scheduled performances must be submitted to Mrs. Trapp PRIOR to the event and at the EARLIEST possible date. Mrs. Trapp will then determine if your absence will be excused. She must know 24 hours in advance if you must miss a rehearsal or performance. Make up work is only available for EXCUSED absences for 95% credit. (Emergencies are always the exception.)


Lettering: Students can letter in jazz by attending every practice, performance and competition during the school year. You may only miss 1 practice & 1 'excused' performance/competition per year in order to letter and maintain a ‘C’ or higher in the class.


2020 - 2021 Schedule as of March 2021

NLIMBO Jazz Event - Virtual Fundraiser - Nov?

PRACTICES -  Thursday's 2:20 - 3:30 WEEKLY

LHS Winter Music Concert – Band, Choir 11th Ave and Swingbeat  - VIRTUAL - December

District Choir Festival Concert - April?

DeMiero Jazz Festival - March 5- Virtual FIELD TRIP!!!


Thursday's from 2:20 - 3 PM


Regionals for Choir - On Hold

12th Annual NLIMBO Dinner/ Show/ Auction - On Hold

 Jazz Concert – 11th Ave and Swingbeat - April or May

LHS Spring END-of-the-YEAR Choir Concert - May or June

Graduation - June

(Calendar - subject to change)