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Check the CALENDAR for Practices & Performances!

Details for each item is given below!

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Join us on Facebook!  REQUEST to be in our private group!

'Lakewood High School Jazz - Swingbeat and 11th Ave.'

If you are a student or PARENT, you will be accepted!

Not for extended family or general public!

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Swingbeat -

National Anthem at Homecoming Game - Friday, Oct 4


Anthems at Hole in the Wall - Saturday, Oct. 12 - 8:30 AM

Nov  - Veteran's Day Assembly Performance

 December - school day -  Senior Home


Thurs, Jan  - 5:30

Thurs, Feb  - 5:30 PM

LHS Band and Jazz Family Trip to Disney - Feb, 2024

DeMiero Jazz Fest - March 6

Regionals - March 11

Commencement Bay Jazz Fest - March 15

District Choir - April 10

Spring Choir Concert - June 5

Concert DURING SCHOOL (wear pep shirts)

Concert at 7 PM - Call time is 6:30 PM

Concert Black and White

Auditions for '25-'26 Swingbeat will take place in MAY! 

If you have any questions please email Mrs Trapp!

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